Structural Alignment of the Spine

Structural Alignment of the Spine

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We all know that the human body has a normal temperature, a normal range of blood pressure, and a normal range for eyesight, but most of us are unaware that there is also a normal when it comes to the structural alignment of the spine.

Below is a great example of what happens to your spine if it shifts from its normal structural alignment.

Chiropractic Bismarck ND Stages of Spinal Degeneration

If your spine shifts from its normal structural alignment, the result is a variety of secondary conditions that pose a threat to your health and quality of life, setting the stage for arthritis, degenerative disc disease & degenerative joint disease.

A structural shift in the spine can lead to permanent damage in as little as two weeks:

Journal of Clinical Biomechanics 1987 (2:223-229) “The evidence in this review shows that immobilizing healthy joints can lead inexorably to arthritis. With respect to patients, it can be postulated that immobilization (shift in the spine), for whatever cause, will initiate a pathogenic chain of musculoskeletal degenerative changes.”..... "If the joint was stuck for even just one day a week for 14 weeks then the joint showed as much damage as if the joint was stuck for 14 days straight"..... “if the immobility is not corrected within two weeks the osteoarthritis becomes permanent.”

- Dr. T. Videman (University of Alberta, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine)

Restoring and protecting your body’s normal structural alignment is a key factor in maintaining optimal health & wellness.



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