Chiropractic Testimonials

"The flexibility with his schedule and easy non-appointment method is fantastic. If anything it makes it faster for everyone longest I have waited is 15 minutes, fair pricing, and a great person to work with is a breath of fresh air. The biggest thing that separates Chris from others is he truly unequivocally cares. Always a great experience and I will always recommend him every time. Thanks Chris"

 -  Mike J.

"Dr. Schwab cares about his patients and has their best welfare in mind at all times. In the beginning of my care with this wonderful doctor every step I took was a new experience. He has made it possible for me to afford much needed consistent chiropractic care, and in doing so has made me feel like a human being that actually enjoys life again. I have come to know Dr. Chris as a devoted healer, enthusiastic teacher, faithful friend, and someone who truly wants nothing more than to help anyone who walks through his door. Not having the hassle of making and keeping a pre-set appointment makes his care even more desirable."

 - Toni S.

"My experience with Schwab Family Chiropractic had been nothing but positive. Dr. Schwab is a great clinician and takes pride in helping his patients feel their best. Wonderful chiropractor in Bismarck."

 -  Ali W.

"My first time seeing a chiropractor and my experience with Dr. Schwab was excellent. Was seen in a timely manner, very nice office he cares about his patients and you can tell he loves what he does."

 -  Eric O.

"My experience with Schwab Family Chiropractic was outstanding. After the first visit I discovered the difference between how my back was feeling and how it was supposed to feel, a feeling I never even knew was possible because I just became accustomed to the pain. Chris was able to explain everything in a clear and concise way that made sense Overall, it was a experience with a welcoming environment, and today my back feels great, I have more energy and I find myself in a better mood throughout the day. My life has drastically improved! Thanks for everything."

-  Kyle D.

"Dr. Chris makes chiropractic very easy and understandable. He does a great job of explaining the purpose of chiropractic in matter of fact language that is easy to understand. He is very no nonsense in his approach. He explains everything he is going to perform and ensures understanding before doing anything. Since it was my first experience with chiropractic it made me feel very safe and involved in the process. I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a professional chiropractor with a relaxed patient attitude."

 - Alex D.

"The experience I have had with Schwab Family Chiropractic and Dr. Chris can only be expressed as remarkable. When I walk in, I feel relaxed. I don’t have to set and keep an appointment, which is really nice for my busy schedule. My experience has been so pleasant, that I recommend Dr. Chris to my friends and family members."

 - Shirley W.

"I came to see Chris because of some lower leg issues that were preventing me from training for a marathon I was scheduled to run. I was a bit skeptical, but Chris did a brilliant job connecting the dots for me as to how the structural alignment of my spine affects how my knees and feet function, especially when I’m logging heaving miles. I was able to run in the marathon and beat the time I had set for myself. I appreciate the great adjustments and the way Chris explains how chiropractic works with the body. I now get checked on a regular basis and I know I am a better athlete because of it, and I have Chris to thank for that!"

 - Jesse S.

"The consistant chiropractic care my family has received from Chris over the last two years has made a huge difference in our overall quality of life. My daughters and I are adjusted regularly now, as we all have noticed how much better our bodies feel. It’s been wonderful to have the ease and flexibility of not having to set an appointment. Any of my busy teenagers can stop in at their convenience, which also makes life easier for me as a mother of four. It’s obvious that Chris is enthusiastic about his job, and truly cares about his patients."

 - Maria B.

"I have been seeing Dr. Chris since October 2011 and was suffering from neck pain and fibromyalgia type symptoms. I am pleased to say that my quality of life has improved tremendously. I appreciate Chris’s passion and encouragment that he provided me when I didn’t have alot of hope."

 - Ryan L.

"Dr. Schwab takes great pride in providing superior care of each and every individual that comes into the office and it is apparent!"

 - Jake M.

"We are SO appreciative for all that Chris has done for our family! We are grateful that we have someone as passionate and caring as him as our chiropractor. His philospophy and insights on health have made our family much healthier."

 - Kristin K.

"Chris, I miss you! From your welcoming office decor to your positive demeanor and truly caring nature, you were a great compliment to my overall health. Not only did you help keep my body in alignment so that I could stay in maintenance mode rather than reaching crisis mode, you genuinely cared about me as a person and were concerned about my overall health — mental as well as physical. When I am in Bismarck, I will definitely stop by and visit! I will continue to recommend you to my friends there! I wish you, your family and your business well!!! I am certain you will reap many blessings in life!"

 - Cherie M.

"I saw Chris for 9 months. His care changed my life after an accident caused my hip to dislocate. With ongoing care we brought my alignment and strength to “better than before”, and most importantly I could walk normal again."

- Bruce K.

"No more dizziness!! Thanks Chris."

 - Tara K.

"You are a lifesaver Chris! My neck and headache are feeling so much better!"

- Chance H.

"Chris is the most professional and dependable chiropractor that I could ever ask for. Due to his flexibility of scheduling and through his continued specialized treatment – my back pain has subsided. I am most grateful and appreciative of Chris because his care has greatly improved my quality of life! Thank you Chris- Thank you Schwab Family Chiropractic!"

- Clark G.

"Very professional yet friendly. He takes the time to explain exactly what he is going to do, and makes you feel right at home. He makes you feel like you are a good friend each time you walk in, and you feel so much better when you walk out. Best chiropractic service I have ever had. Very easy to get into; very seldom do I have to wait more than 5 minutes to get in; many times I am getting adjusted within a minute of walking into the office. You are always greeted with a friendly smile and welcomed by your first name."

- Shelly M.


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